March 1, 2008

GOA - The Land Of My Dream

Your intertement could be ordinary or's only your desicion..u could choose drugs, music,sex with new ..accuitance..or u choose tihis land..the last matter how long u had been there..or what u choose..just keep your mind open for some new experience..and u succes..

February 8, 2008

This Is Not Mine, It Is

We don't elect new president...We just help actul president have choose new userpic and nickname

This Is Not Mine, It Is again and again...and again

x: domain name was created 28.11.2005
x: two weak earlier IVANOV2008.RU
y: mm..what other domain are exist "name"2008?
y: and 2012 LOL
x: was created 2007.07.12

February 7, 2008

Life Sucks

I've graduate 2-years English courses and I made a mistake in every word...I'm stupid EMO boy...but it doesn't matter...FIRST OF ALL "SUBMIT"!! :)

It Fears Me And My Friends

The person, who gets for me and 2 my friends very cheap tickets to Goa, has disapeare. We're feel vert nervous about it, we're like 3 sick paranoic...what if our tickets will be canceled...what if we would be arrested in the airport, like in some movie..."Hey u.....freeeeezzzeeee....get down.." :) We're calling up to AirCompany...they're to polite...smth wrong.. :)


I'm goin' to GOA on Saturday and it's really turn me on...I don't Know what i'm really waitin' for certain....but I sure, that time, when I will be threre - it's time of freedom. I've watch "The Beach" 3 I have special mood and I'm ready to GO!!!!

January 26, 2008


I wanna be a's really cool...don't mind it, please, I have watch all 3 part's of Film, and really liked it. SPIDER-MAN MY HERO!

Social utility have get 6 milllion users nowadays, the most popular time to use this sociaty is working time. As the result of this system administrator have to bane this site, but it's not help. Excititng users find out website with free proxy, and after that they again "in contact"(v kontakte {rus}). There are a lot of stories that this social utility is secret programm of Russian goverment or Creator have done only for his own enjoing..really we don't now, greater part of users doesn't matter, they could find there friends, job or enjoy watcin' some movies or listenin' music, for some people this utility became equal the great word INTERNET.


In spite of profit of people inrease, the greater part of the townspeopole have to use underground for get to the job and u should Know some rules and get some skills. U must be very faster to get a free place on board, after that u shoud pretend to be a falling asleep, because the old women staying in front of u, pretend to be weak and sick. In fact she wasn't so lucky than u in this case. After this exercise u feel yourself active on your workingplace:)

January 24, 2008


I've seen the poster of "Rambo 4" and it's really turn me on!! all of us have seen first & second part in early was cool, it was taste of freedom for our people. I realize why every person of that time will go to the cinema, we wanna feel THE freedom again, the freedom, which we have lost, or like it was at first time, becase we think, that fell of freedom have already fill's your choice!


hey! we came back with smth. At first I'm going to say smth fancy, but I'm wanna say smth, that really annoying me. As some of us know Russian people will have THE electoin in the near future, and u know what??? Every person in our country know beyond doubt WHO would be a new "undisputed leader"'s so stupid, when you are hear about democrcy every day. Our socity is THE kid. He's name Sam, 5-6 year old, he has some kind of habits, like get a candy for his good behavior, play in THE sand-box with other kids. Sam love his parents, but sometime he really can't understand, why he can't go in THE other sand-box to play with other kids or ride his bicycle all day long. THE kid ask his parents, and his parents remove all his doudts, they don't explain every point, and they get success, maybe it is not because they very smart...maybe because Sam used to obey his parents.

January 21, 2008


We're 2 friends. We've been studing usual boring queen English for several years. Sometime I think, that we're waste our time learnig by heart some grammar rules or enormous list of new words, which doesn't keep in touch witn real fluent English. We're real want improve our skills.
We're going to keep this log to do it, also we're relly want to entertain u. If you saw the title, you could say: "Hey, u! Who do u think u 're?!? Do you really thik that your ordinary life might be interesting for someone? Are you some kind of pop or movie stars" You're right, if u tnink this way..BUT...there is one think..we're leaving in Russian Federation & this's already unusual..sure, everyone's has own point of view on this country..I say: "Every day in this coutry is real adventure" me, guys. Let's get started :)
Sorry for mistakes, it's not my native language & u may correct us, if u want.